About Dry Riser Systems

Fire suppression and fire prevention systems can save lives and they can save money. Dry riser systems are pipes that are capable of being charged with water from fire service appliances for fire fighting purposes. Dry riser systems in the United Kingdom can be found in buildings that are at least 18m and no more than 50m tall.

Those systems got their name due to the fact that the pipes are normally “dry”, that is they are not permanently charged with pumped water such as other fire fighting systems.

Affordable Fire SafetyA dry riser system normally consists of an inlet breaching connector at the ground floor of a building and landing valves on each floor.

According to British legislation and safety laws, dry riser systems require regular testing and inspections. Not following the strict British Building Regulations 2000 that describe those dry riser testing procedures can mean steep fines for property owners.

Those regulations mandate that the systems are checked at least six times per month. Each year, a complete pressure test of the dry riser system will be required.

It is likewise very important that dry riser systems are only installed by qualified and certified specialists. In addition to that, the installation of the systems must be in accordance to local fire protection laws. For that purpose, a local fire brigade office should be consulted to learn more about local requirements and specifics for the system that could vary from location to location.

Only with regular tests and inspections it is possible to rely on the proper operation of dry riser systems. The strict British safety regulations help to make sure that dry risers that are installed in buildings across the country will work as intended. Only then, the effective and fast fighting of fires will be possible.