Finding a Good Gym in London

Finding a cheap gym in London sure isn’t too difficult, but finding a good one is an entirely different story.

In recent years, a whole bunch of low-budget gyms opened all over the capital, but most of them are severely lacking when it comes to their service and overall quality.

If you ask me, I really don’t care much whether one gym would charge a back more or less than the other. There are other things that I think are much more important than comes to finding a good gym

What makes a good gym?

I’m looking for a gym in London, the most important thing for me is that they have good variety of equipment available which should be in good shape. There is really no point in joining a fitness studio don’t have to write machines that you need for your routines.

Secondly, the important thing for me is that the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It may well happen that there is a new machine that I am not familiar with, so obviously someone must be there can explain it to me. I am not talking about the personal trainer, this would be a different story, but simply someone who can give you some basic help if you need it.

Thirdly, I prefer those gyms where they also offer exercise classes with a trainer. Sometimes these classes where you exercise a group of people and and trainer may be more expensive than the gym alone, but I think this is money well spent.

Last but not least, I don’t mind when a good gym in London also has other facilities like a pool or a restaurant or a juice bar.

So, these are the things that I am looking for in a gym! Of course, your mileage may vary and maybe you have other requirements.

Headteachers in Surrey Opposed to Grammar Schools Plan

headteachers-surreyThe plan by the UK government to expand selective education is facing massive opposition in Surrey. More than 60 secondary school teachers voiced their protest to the Prime Minister Theresa May in a letter.

The headteachers of all the secondary schools in Surrey, and this includes academies, free schools, community schools and faith-based schools, signed a letter to the PM and her secretary where they are expressing opposition for more grammar schools in the United Kingdom.

The county’s 11 Conservative MPs received a copy of the letter as well, including Chancellor Philip Hammond and transport secretary Chris Grayling as well as former education secretary Michael Gove. In the letter, the head teachers warn that implementing the plan for more grammar schools in UK will lead to more fragmentation and more segregation.

The letter states, that ““we are writing to voice our deeply held, vehement opposition to the government’s proposals to create a selective, segregated, two-tier, state-funded system of education. At its best, the government’s selective school proposals represent further confusion and fragmentation of England’s education policy. At its worst this policy is predicated on a nostalgic and unrealistic vision of society, the debate around which deflects attention from the real issues facing schools today.”

The letter continues to outline those issues which include a teacher recruitment crisis, funding cuts along with the requirement for new all GCSE qualification.

Surrey has a fully comprehensive school system in which 95% of students in secondary schools attend schools which are rated either good or outstanding by Ofset, the school watchdog.

The above news from U.K.’s education sector are brought to you by Kingshottschool, the Hertfordshire independent school that doesn’t make a compromise when it comes to good education.

About Dry Riser Systems

Fire suppression and fire prevention systems can save lives and they can save money. Dry riser systems are pipes that are capable of being charged with water from fire service appliances for fire fighting purposes. Dry riser systems in the United Kingdom can be found in buildings that are at least 18m and no more than 50m tall.

Those systems got their name due to the fact that the pipes are normally “dry”, that is they are not permanently charged with pumped water such as other fire fighting systems.

Affordable Fire SafetyA dry riser system normally consists of an inlet breaching connector at the ground floor of a building and landing valves on each floor.

According to British legislation and safety laws, dry riser systems require regular testing and inspections. Not following the strict British Building Regulations 2000 that describe those dry riser testing procedures can mean steep fines for property owners.

Those regulations mandate that the systems are checked at least six times per month. Each year, a complete pressure test of the dry riser system will be required.

It is likewise very important that dry riser systems are only installed by qualified and certified specialists. In addition to that, the installation of the systems must be in accordance to local fire protection laws. For that purpose, a local fire brigade office should be consulted to learn more about local requirements and specifics for the system that could vary from location to location.

Only with regular tests and inspections it is possible to rely on the proper operation of dry riser systems. The strict British safety regulations help to make sure that dry risers that are installed in buildings across the country will work as intended. Only then, the effective and fast fighting of fires will be possible.

Keep Track Of Your Shipping Documentation

According to the business dictionary, shipping documentation is “air waybill, bill of lading, or truck bill of lading, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, insurance certificate, packing list, or other documents required to clear customs and take delivery of the goods.”

In other words, it comprises of all those documents that are crucial to ship your goods from location A to B successfully. That this isn’t always easy can best be observed when we look at the various problems that can come up with international shipping.

shipping softwareCustom regulations can vary greatly depending from where and where to you send your goods. It is not always obvious whether certain goods can be shipped to a particular country.

Not only has each particular country its own laws and regulations about the import of goods, those regulations can also change on a whim.

For a business that deals with international shipping, any problem that would result in the delay or even a complete hold up of a shipment at the border could mean financial disaster.

It is for that reason obvious that at any company that deals with shipping needs to keep track and stay up-to-date with custom regulations.

Software to organise and manage shipping documentation is probably the most effective means to solve this problem. The software cannot only help to always know but all custom regulations no matter a shipping destination, it can likewise help the shipping business to keep shipping costs at a minimum.

In the same way as shipping documentation software allows to automatically keep track of current customs regulations it can also always  keep track of the most economic and most reliable way to ship, thus help the business to save on shipping costs.

For import and export businesses, the proper management of shipping documentation can result in significant cost savings not only for the above reasons. Other advantages of shipping documentation include generally much faster and more effective operations and less errors on critical shipping documents.

How to Save Money When You Use E-Invoice

You would be surprised to know how many businesses today are still wasting a lot of time and money by using traditional invoicing. Valuable time is lost and unnecessary waiting times are coming from the fact alone that paper invoices are usually sent by using postal mail.

Because of that it can easily happen that from the creation of your invoice until it is processed it will require several days. Add the potential risk for lost mail and the costs for sending invoices and you will quickly understand that this process is certainly anything but effective.

electronic-invoicingElectronic invoicing (E-Invoice) can help save you money in various ways.

It’s not uncommon that mid-sized to large companies need to employ staff just for the processing of their invoices.

Then, invoicing data from paper needs to be transferred into your accounting system.

Your mail with your invoices needs to be prepared and sent out.

With E-Invoice all those steps fall away. Not only can invoices be sent and received the instant you create them.

Depending on your business’ volume of invoicing, this can add up to significant cost and time savings.

One other major advantage of E-Invoice is that it is a lot easier to manage as compared to paper invoices. All your invoicing data can easily be accessed from one single computer system. You will have less paperwork to deal with and much more time for other business tasks.

Electronic invoicing is affordable and the switch from your normal invoicing process to electronic invoicing should be easy and straightforward.

Today, E-Invoice helps businesses of all types and sizes work faster and a lot more cost-effective.

Here are some great money saving tips

I am always at the lookout for great money saving tips to share with you.

Over at Yahoo Finance at–probably–never-heard-131113632.html I found a fantastic list of 55 creative money saving tips that are very helpful.

The article shows you money saving tips by giving several examples of British families and what exactly they do to keep their spending low. Some of the tips are really unique and creative and I am sure you will get plenty of ideas when you look over the article.

Check this list out, I can highly recommend it!